FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )
How much do you charge to play a wedding?
  The rate is $850.00 for a quartet and $700.00 for a trio, . Also, we charge an additional cost for all weddings out of Jackson area (more than 25 miles). You can find more information on our Pricing page.
Do you play for receptions also? How much do you charge for them?
  Yes, we play for the receptions and other events. Our first hour rate is $850.00 for a quartet and $700.00 for a trio. Our additional hour rate is $200.00 per hour for a quartet and $150.00 per hour for a trio. An additional cost applies for all locations out of town.
What is the price for both the wedding and the reception?
  If we play both the wedding and reception, the reception will be charged only as additional hours. Time will be counted beginning thirty minutes before the start time of the wedding (when we start the prelude music), and end when we finish playing the reception. If the reception is in a different location, travel cost will be charged.
How do you charge if wedding ceremony and the reception are in two different locations?
  In a situation like this we charge for the length of the engagement. In other words, charges will apply from the start of the prelude until the end of our playing time at the reception.
What time do you arrive?
  We arrive 30 minutes before our scheduled performance time in order to set up and work out details with the wedding director.
How does the quartet usually dress?
  The dress code is normally formal: men in tuxedos, women wear all black. Warmer days men wear business-type shirt, slacks, and tie.
Do you play outdoor weddings or parties?
  Yes, we play outdoors ceremonies. Most outdoor weddings have string musicians because it is the best choice when electricity is not available. But we do have a few specific requests for outdoor playing because of the safety of our instruments.

There cannot be any precipitation or other sources of water (drizzle, spray from a fountain).
We cannot be in direct sunlight because sunlight can damage instruments and cause them to go out of tune very quickly. All this can affect our performance. It would be a good idea to use a tent, or we can be on a covered porch. Also, we recommend having a back-up plan in case of cold weather or rain.
What do you require for your performance?
  The quartet requires four upright armless chairs.
How far in advance should we book you?
  We encourage you to book as early as you can, so it would be some time for you to alter your requirements if it is necessary. Normally, we issue a contract six months prior to your event (a 50% deposit is required at the time of contract to reserve a date). However, we will try to find a time and day even for late bookings if some cancellations occur.
Do we need to meet in person?
  It is actually not necessary to meet in person. All details can be discussed over the phone or via e-mail. However, if you prefer meeting in person, we would try to arrange it.
Can we make our own list of pieces from your suggested repertoire and can we include a piece which is not on your list?
  Yes, we encourage you to make your own music selection and we always happy to help you if you need some suggestions. A charge of $25 will apply for every special request, which is not included in our repertoire if extra rehearsal needed. For every special request you need to provide us the music. The music should be arranged for string quartet(for hymns that is not necessary). If the requested piece is provided in different arrangement(piano score etc.) arrangement fee will be added.
When do you need to know the music selection?
  If your selection of pieces is on our repertoire list, it is enough to inform us two weeks before the event.
What kind of music do you play for receptions, cocktail hours, or dinners?
  We usually play a mix of classical and popular music.
Can you play Christmas music for a holiday party?
  Yes, we have a big collection of traditional Christmas music.
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